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Date : 2023-05-10        Source : New Taipei City Government
Taiwan-Japan Travel Entrepreneurship Opportunities Booming: New Taipei City Government Youth Department Holds Exchange Forum to Dissect Post-Pandemic Trends
New Taipei City Government Youth Department will hold a Taiwan-Japan travel entrepreneurship exchange forum on May 26th at 3 pm at the "新北青年局青職基地" (No. 170, Minquan Rd, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 220). The theme of the lecture is "What to Do After reopen border? Exchange of Taiwan-Japan Travel Entrepreneurship Trends". The forum is co-organized by the Youth Department and Startup Island TAIWAN, a national startup brand, and will invite Jon Chen, the Country Marketing Manager of Rakuten Travel, a leading online booking brand in Japan, Daniel, the CEO of NextT Travel Accelerator, and Mr. Chuang, the Deputy Commissioner of Tourism and Travel Department New Taipei City Government, as speakers to share Taiwan and Japan's different innovative practices and trends in the tourism industry.
After reopen border, there has been a surge in outbound travel, especially to Japan, which is favored by Taiwanese tourists. Rakuten Travel is one of the leading online booking brands in Japan, providing accommodation booking services for Japan's travel industry to 11 countries around the world. Jon Chen will share the successful experience and different practices of Japanese travel industry, providing international market perspectives and trends to inspire participants' innovative thinking.
"NextT Travel Accelerator" which was jointly launched by the "Redefine Tourism Mixer" and the industry leader "Lion Tarvel". It is Taiwan's first entrepreneurship accelerator brand with tourism as its main theme. CEO Daniel will decrypt Taiwan's travel entrepreneurship trends and practical approaches from a frontline perspective! In addition, Mr. Chuang, the Deputy Commissioner of Tourism and Travel Department New Taipei City Government, will share the current situation of New Taipei City's tourism industry and counseling or promotion plans for tourism industry players from a government standpoint, providing participants with the most substantive information assistance.
Marcia, The Commissioner of New Taipei City Government Youth Department, pointed out that "travel entrepreneurship" is the industry keyword for Taiwan's post-pandemic period. In the past few years, catalyzed by the pandemic, domestic travel has risen, and it has also led to changes in people's travel preferences. As countries gradually reopen, the boom of domestic travel should not be replaced, but industry dealers must make changes, restart resource layout, actively grasp the post-pandemic recovery trend of travel entrepreneurship, and seize the opportunities brought by unblocking!
If you are interested in the tourism industry and entrepreneurship, then this Taiwan-Japan travel entrepreneurship trend forum is an opportunity you cannot miss!
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