Public Health Department
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Date : 2017-02-06        Source : New Taipei City Government
VII.Common complications of pregnancy and simple solutions What should pregnant woman do when she experiences nausea/regurgitation during initial stages of her pregnancy?
1.When you wake up in the morning, eat a light breakfast such as bread or biscuits and rest for 30 minutes in bed before getting up.

2.Eat several light meals over the course of a day and make sure you don’t get hungry. Dry food is preferable and it is recommended that pregnant women ingest food once every two hours. Pay attention to your intake of liquid food, especially if your urine has darkened in color or when you are constipated. It would be a good idea to ingest liquid food in between meals.

3.Avoid irritating odors such as grease or the smell of fish; engage in activities that would help you relax. 4.Seek medical attention if you are experiencing symptoms such as significant weight loss or severe vomiting.