Public Health Department
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Date : 2017-02-06        Source : New Taipei City Government
VII.Common complications of pregnancy and simple solutions What should pregnant woman do when experiencing dizziness during her pregnancy and how to prevent it?
Most women are known to experience dizziness during pregnancy (caused by a number of factors such as having a hearty meal, being exposed to strong sunlight in a poor ventilated place, physical exhaustion, anemia, low blood glucose and so forth). You should avoid long periods of standing and direct exposure to strong sunlight. In addition, when changing your posture, be sure to do it slowly. When you feel dizzy, sit down immediately to prevent falling. You should always eat breakfast and if you are suffering from anemia, be sure to replenish iron intake. Be sure to take ample rests and take afternoon naps. If you are experiencing persisting dizziness, consult your physician.