Social Welfare Prospect
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Social Welfare Prospect
※The Disadvantaged First
※Productive Communities
※Gender Equality
※Intergenerational Co-prosperity
※Remote Areas Service.

Social Services Provided
※Civic Organizations
    We regard “vitalizing non-profit organizations and establishing welfare Greater Taipei” as a goal. We will also offer civic organizations and cooperative societies some guidance for their normal operation so that their organizations can be healthily developed and functioned. We may combine their resources to create positive links with various social welfare services.

※Social Assistance
   We provide social assistance with a warm, natural and real human touch. In this, we will play a role concerning the burdens of home carers. Helping relieve suffering, offering care actively, respecting what is needed, and assisting whoever is needed to become independent and autonomous are regarded as principles for assistance. Living assistance for the low-income households, subsidy for medical treatment, emergency relief, and disaster aids will be the approaches for support. The final goals are to safeguard the basic needs of disadvantaged minorities in their living and make sure that widows and widowers, orphans and the elderly without children, the disabled and the sick can be looked after.

    • Assistance for Low-Income Households
    To take care of low-income people, we would like to help them to become independent, to sustain their basic living, and we would also positively engage in assisting them come off from poverty as soon as possible.

    • Emergency Relief
    Only registered New Taipei City residents are eligible for the listed services. We will offer our emergency relief if any of the following situation happens: anyone in a household dies but cannot be buried for some reasons money; anyone get hurt by some accidents and life falls into distress; a person earning living for his or her family suddenly suffers from serious illness unemployment, has gone missing, serves in the army, goes to jail, or has some other problems and cannot take care of family and then life falls into very difficulty; or people from other cities or counties arrive in our city and desperately need money to return home.

    • Natural Disaster Aids
   Geographical situation in Taiwan is rather special. Natural disaster sometimes happens. Natural disaster assistance, emergency reliefs are provided to families in crisis and emergency, when people""s lives are seriously threatened while encountering disasters caused by water, fire, wind, hail, drought, earthquake, etc.

    • Guidance and Giving Shelter to the Homeless
   To handle the situation of the homeless resulting from urbanization and the transformation of social and economic structure, we use an approach involving three service stages–“urgent, transitional, and stable” and provide suitable service and guidance in order to rebuild homeless people’s lives and adapt to a new life. 

    • The Welfare Of Physical and Mental Disabled
   Welfare for the physically and mentally disabled is a crucial part of social welfare and also becomes an important index for showing whether a society is progressive or not. Therefore, to safeguard the legal rights and life quality for the disabled, guarantee a fair opportunity of their participation, and provide sufficient service are the main tasks of  New Taipei City disabled welfare service. 

※The Welfare Of Senior Citizens
    “Healthy and Delightful Living: Senior People Enjoy Happiness” is a soundbite for our city to carry out welfare policy for senior citizens. We will look after our city’s senior citizens well, promote diverse welfare services for them and long-term care service, and construct a safe, high-level dignified living environment. It is hoped that every old person in New Taipei City can become a healthy and happy ‘New Graying Noble’.

※The Welfare Of Children and Youths
    It is hoped that, through cooperation with non-governmental organizations, we can integrate the resources of the community, bring care for children and youths and prevent them from being abused, and also improve welfare for children and youth.

※Community Development and The Welfare Of Women
    As a place of considerable size and dense population, New Taipei City has its special features such as unbalanced distribution and many immigrants from other cities, counties and countries. So the current situation of diverse development between countryside and urban  has resulted. That"s why we specially emphasize importance of  districts features and local resource network when implementing  community development project. Community development associations, voluntary service teams, and women are important human resources. We make good use of above relevant human resources as a support network. It’s hoped to strengthen the implementation and promotion of welfare communization in New Taipei City.

※Social Work Profession
   We have professional social workers offering family-centered services, integrating social resources and welfare projects to help enhancing family function of disadvantaged families. Basically we target the needs of each vulnerable family, providing welfare services  and strengthening social network in community. In addition, we will regularly organize various professional trainings for social workers to make sure that their service has professional and superb quality. Also, we will be engaged in professional management for social workers and provide practical filed training opportunities to university and graduate school students whose major subjects are related to social work, and expand and develop human resources for New Taipei City’s social work profession. It is hoped that social work professionals will become a catalyst for welfare service and further social welfare transmission network of “Social Welfare Goes Smoothly” can be reached and our city’s various welfare services can achieve the realms of friendliness, convenience and completeness.

※Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention
    According to legal regulations, we will provide various protection and supportive services for the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, advocate rights of victims and try to stop domestic violence through community task force.