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New Taipei City is the largest city in the country and the city with the largest population. The land area is about 2,052 square kilometers, accounting for 6% of the country's total area. The city has a long coastline, as well as spectacular mountains and canyons, and abundant tourism resources in the mountains and seas. In order to integrate tourism resources and develop tourism and construction, the Tourism and Tourism Bureau was established on October 1st, 2007, and officially listed for operation.   

The Tourism and Tourism Bureau's mission is to "provide a friendly, high-quality, sustainable tourism environment, and make New Taipei a charming international tourist city", and to "build a green tourism brand in New Taipei", "create a place with smart tourism, and recreate it." New Taipei Tourism Innovation Development" as the vision, actively promote low-carbon, green energy and cross-regional mountain trail tourism, and organize tourism special activities to shape the city's tourism charm, optimize the service quality of specific scenic areas, strengthen tourism industry management, and hope to create a people-oriented and promote the development of tourism industry.

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