Facilities and shops
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Recreational Facilities
Public service type of service location
Children are Us Bakery
Ci-you Dry Cleaning and laundry
Xiao-qing Barbershop
Relax ! Massage salon
( food and beverage, convenience store, dry-cleaning and laundry, massage, beauty) B1
Taiwan Bank
Post office
( banking and postal service) B1
The Peng’s
Banqiao Branch NTC
( Chinese restaurant) 1F
The Peng’s ( Staff restaurant, Chinese restaurant ) 8F
Observation Lookout ( observation lookout) 32F
Restaurant With A View ( Western restaurant ) 32F
Visitors can take in the varied scenery the city has to offer both day and night here. The observation deck at the New Taipei City Hall is one of the best spots in town for admiring the panoramic views of New Taipei City.
Meeting rooms
Venue Function location
Multi-purpose Auditorium The full capacity of the auditorium is 1418 audience. It offers a space for cultural ,artistic and educational purposes 3 - 6 F
Meeting Rooms Assembly Hall 6F
Large meeting room 5F
Briefing rooms 3 , 5 F
medium meeting room 4F