International Service Center
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Taiwan’s first diversified international service counter with services in six different languages (I) For the benefit of approximately 80,000 new immigrants in New Taipei City, we offer four major services (counter translation, referral service, telephone consultation and legal services) in six different languages (Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai and Burmese). The multilingual assistance is aimed to help new immigrants to better understand relevant policies and information on cultural and educational living assistance from the New Taipei City Government. (II) In order to improve our service quality, the Education Department shall incorporate multilingual facility signs and guidance indicators, enrich counter information/hardware equipment and provide multilingual service questionnaires. (III) Apart from ongoing promotion through the New Immigrant Website, the New Immigrant Quarterly Newsletter and pamphlets issued by the Education Department which available at the service counters for 2009, the Education Department is also hoping to achieve better results from its foreigner services by designing service survey questionnaires in eight languages (Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Japanese and Khmer) and publishing pamphlets in seven languages (Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese and Japanese) to be offered at counters.